liner notes by Gil Scott-Heron

{The purpose of providing these liner notes is to encourage you to support the musicians}

The First Minute Of A New Day introduced the music of The Midnight Band, but Itís Your World presented the group where it was always the most compelling : LIVE. And with a touch of subtle irony this "State of the Union" statement was recorded in Boston, Massachusettes on July 2-4, 1976, amid the fireworks of the nationís Bicentennial celebration.

The band had been formed with a nucleus of talent from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, where I met Brian Jackson, the music director, and Victor Brown, our extraordinary tenor vocalist (and Boston resident). Three years after our beginning as Black and Blues, graduations and various migrations had seen Bob Adams (drums), and Adenola and Charlie Saunders (percussion), replaced by Reggie Brisbane and Tony Duncanson. But the fire and spirit and messages of the unit had not been altered.

Included here were group arrangements of pieces that had been previously recorded, ("Home Is Where The Hatred Is," "The Bottle," and "Must Be Something"), as well as new material that was totally Midnight ("17th Street" and "Tomorrowís Trane"), all done with live and lively crowds packed inside Paulís Mall on Boylston Street.

There were several noteworthy wrinkles that varied from our general approach. "Itís Your World," the title song, had both lyrics and music done by Brian Jackson, who usually had my help as a lyricist. (He obviously didnít need it.) The feature poem, "The Bicentennial Blues" was my second "live" poem written without music. ("We Beg Your Pardon, America" from the First Minute Of A New Day had been the first.)

In truth the double record set (on vinyl) had not been totally "live." Four of the songs here were recorded at Electric Lady in New York ("Itís Your World," "New York City," "Possum Slim," and "Sharing"). But somehow it felt that even those songs maintained the atmosphere of those nights in the club.

Of all the recodings we did in the 70ís that have been so difficult to locate none have been more rare to find as these songs from those sessions and those memorable nights. So it gives me additional pleasure to present for you a CD packed with songs and ideas I hope you enjoy.

This is the fourth in our series of CD re-issues from TVT Records and Rumal-Gia. Please take care of yourselves, enjoy and remember itís (still) your world.